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Electronic entry solutions for a secure, comfortable home.
Turn your home into a smart home: intelligent entry solutions from Biffar combine maximum comfort and the ultimate in day-to-day security for you.

Smart Home

NEW: Biffar smart access app control

The Biffar smart access app combines the advantages of conventional locking systems with the intelligence of mobile devices, for greater comfort, flexibility and security.
Make your door smarter, in a few simple steps.


Never lose your keys again. The universal module for the Biffar smart access app allows you to control your door easily via smartphone.

Operate any lock at the press of a button, using the free Biffar smart access app (for iOS 9.3 and above and Android 5.1 and above). For even greater ease of use, you can also control doors via the Apple Watch.

Now even simpler: if you don’t have a hand free, the door can be opened automatically as you approach it, using the auto-unlock function. If required, you can enable the tap-to-unlock function to confirm the ‚open‘ command prior to execution.


This enables you to allow family members, visitors, domestic help, trades or care staff entry to your home – easily and whilst on the move, via app and without the nuisance of dropping off keys. You can manage an unlimited number of locks and users. And permission for access can be denied again just as readily using the app.

Choose between permanent, recurrent or time-restricted entry, and send the invitation simply via SMS or to a registered user name.


Arrange notifications if particular people activate the smart door lock. For example, you can arrange for a push notification when your children have got back home safely.

And if someone logs in on an unrecognised smartphone using your user details, you are sent an immediate alert.


As administrator, you can keep an overview on all activity and see precisely which user has opened your entry door via smartphone, and when.

The Fingerprint

The Fingerprint from ekey is another option for key-free entry to your own home. Here, your own fingerprint is used to open the door. It makes this system the most secure identification process on the market. The attractively shaped, rectangular housing with its clean, contemporary design can be mounted either on the door or on the wall. The ekey Fingerprint is itself equipped with intelligent software that uses encryption to communicate with the controller and recognises changes in user behaviour, as well as learning from every time it is used. ekey finger scanners are also available with a card-reader function, across all models. This means the door can be opened using a transponder or card without storing the user’s finger details. The ekey finger scanner was built in a 25 x 52 mm format specially for flush installation in designer doors and designer handles.

The ENTRAsys FD fingerprint system from SOMMER similarly opens house doors using biometric identification, via a gentle finger-press. The modern stripe sensor ensures a high, fast recognition rate. Depending on the complexity of the fingerprints, the device can store 50-80 prints.

Administrator rights can also be assigned to up to 9 fingerprints. These can allocate or withdraw access rights, for example. Thanks to Somloq Rollingcode, the system comes with maximum security and is protected against attacks.

Let´s be smart

Increasing networking in daily life is also set to influence future door development.
That’s why Biffar is committing to the „Let’s be smart“ network with one clear aim: a secure and smart home – your home.

lets be smart

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